Free Basic Report Form

Your consultant can contact you while preparing your free UX report. Please write your contact information correctly and clearly indicate your need.

If you like your report, please don’t forget to get a more comprehensive service by choosing one of the Standard or Business reports.


What is Basic Report?

It is the UX (User Experience) report of your website’s home page. It has the same form as the Standard Report. Only the findings are limited and it’s free.

How will it work for me?

Although your free report is limited, we will provide you with useful findings and solutions. By reading your report containing at least 1 critical finding, you will be able to make important corrections with very simple steps.

It’s a simple UX report after all, right?

No. The consultants who prepare your report are experienced people from the business world. They will convey to you both simple user interface problems and give you tips to improve your digital business. Academic and easy-to-understand comments will surprise you.

Why free?

UX reports are often very expensive. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot take advantage of the user experience. This greatly reduces their competitiveness. Our main goal is to help these companies in an affordable way. We would like to introduce ourselves to you with the free Basic Report.

How soon can we get our report?

In about 1 week. Similar reports are prepared in about 1 month. We limit the number of reports we prepare and use a special methodology.