Standard Report Form

Your consultant will contact you while preparing your UX report. Please write your contact information correctly and clearly indicate your need.

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What is Standart Report?

It is the UX (User Experience) report of your website’s home page. The home page is the gateway to a website. It is the page that best expresses the entire navigation, overall strategy and persuasion ability. In other words, in the Standard Report, we examine the main page not as a single page, but by considering the entire content and flow.

How will it work for me?

Your report will include findings and comments on design, content, and flow. At the same time, development suggestions will be made on marketing and psychology. In other words, you will have reviewed both your website and your overall digital business strategy with a report.

It’s a simple UX report after all, right?

No. The consultants who prepare your report are experienced people from the business world. They will convey to you both simple user interface problems and give you tips to improve your digital business. Academic and easy-to-understand comments will surprise you.

What is the format of the report? Will I be able to understand easily?

Your report will be in PDF format designed as an infographic. You will be able to visually monitor both your website and the findings from one huge page. Thus, you will not get lost in a report of tens of pages. Findings and solution proposals will be written in a language that both managers and technical team can understand.

How soon can we get our report?

In about 1 week after paying the report fee. Similar reports are prepared in 1 to 2 months. We limit the number of reports we prepare and use a special methodology.