App Tracking Transparency

Due to new restrictions announced by Apple this week, apps like Facebook will largely lose their ability to advertise.

You know, Apple is originally a device manufacturer. Not software. For this reason, it does everything it can to make everyone who uses its devices feel safe. It can even be said that Apple is obsessed with it. Because we also know that Apple took bold steps, such as not helping the FBI to hack the terrorists’ iPhones.

What is happening?

Normally, mobile applications save the data of their users and use this data together with the device data. They use them as a source of algorithms, such as displaying user-specific advertisements. With the iOS 14.5 update, Apple leaves the recording of this data on its own devices such as iPhone and iPad to user control. So apps will have to ask your permission to use them.

Technical Details

iPhone and iPad have a device identifier code called IDFA (identifier for advertisers). Thus, by using this code, advertisers evaluate the user’s data related to that device and increase the advertising effectiveness. IDFA can also be used in conjunction with technologies such as tracking pixels and tracking cookies used by Facebook.

With iOS 14.5, The App Tracking Transparency feature will be turned on. Don’t be surprised by the word on, so your data will be hidden. A study says that 80% of users will not turn this feature off. This, of course, means that Facebook’s advertising effectiveness and revenues are greatly reduced.

3rd Party Cookies

At the end of 2021, Google will not allow 3rd party cookies. In other words, after the e-commerce site you are looking for red shoes, the news site you enter will not be filled with advertisements for red shoes. In summary, your rate of being followed on the internet will decrease significantly.

Update : Google postponed the 3rd party cookie ban until 2023 due to various problems.

This is a huge improvement in terms of data security, as Chrome (Google) is now the number one internet browser in the world. Apple’s standard internet browser Safari, on the other hand, did not allow 3rd party cookies for a long time. The App Tracking Transparency described here can be considered as an application version of this security.

As you can see, Apple is a big step ahead when it comes to security. But, as we said at the beginning, this is true both ethically and commercially, since the main income item is hardware.

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